Registration for the March 2020 semester has started!

The registration period for the March 2020 semester has started. 

Practical information:

  1. Application is available through here
  2. Lesson fee is €195,- per half year (= 1 semester = 1 course level)
  3. Method book: Active Korean by Seoul National University, €50,- per book
    (includes a workbook and 2 CDs, available on the first school day of the new semester)

    • For Advanced: Sejong Korean by The National Institute of the Korean Language , €30,- per book(include 1CD)
  4. Payment can be done by cash at the Teacher’s room or by Internet Banking:
    (NL72 KOEX 0270 3054 32 Korean School Foundation (always indicate your name)) Registration is only completed after payment is made within 7 days of application*
  5. Once your registration is complete, cancellation/refund is no longer possible*
  6. The first lesson of the new semester starts on the March 21, 2020.

Please click here to see the curriculum of the semester.


*More detailed information can be found on our website:

Or please consult one of our staff members.


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The Teachers and Volunteers of the Korean School of Amsterdam