Welcome to the Open Day of the Korean School of Amsterdam

Open Day : February 8, 2020


Open day application form :



During the Open Day, there are opportunities to take a look at our school building, talk with our teachers and volunteers, ask questions about the curriculum, look into our course books and take a one-hour introductory class on the Korean Alphabet, Hangeul.


1) If you’re new here, please proceed to the Teacher’s room and talk to one of our teachers or staff members. They’ll be identifiable by their name tags. Ask and learn about the Korean Language Courses, while having a cup of coffee or tea.


2) From 10:40 to 11:30, you may join the introductory class by Ms. Youngmee Choi. Discover what it is like to learn Korean at our school for the first time! This introductory class has limited capacity so please register via an online form on our website before participating.


3) If you have enough information and are sure about registering, you may choose to fill out the online application form on one of our school PCs in the teacher’s room. If you need help, please ask the school’s administrative staff. Online application is also possible on your smartphone by going to www.koreanschool.nlInformation in EnglishHow to apply.


4) If you’re considering starting the course on a higher level than Beginners A1, you must take one of our online level tests. This will be sent to your email after you have applied. Based on your results, you will be admitted to a particular course level. Please ask/email us for more information on this.


Practical information:

  1. Application will be available in January
  2. Lesson fee is €195,- per half year (= 1 semester = 1 course level)
  3. Method book: Active Korean by Seoul National University, €50,- per book
    (includes a workbook and 2 CDs, available on the first school day of the new semester)

    • For Advanced: Sejong Korean by The National Institute of the Korean Language , €30,- per book(include 1CD)
  4. Payment can be done by cash at the Teacher’s room or by Internet Banking:
    (NL72 KOEX 0270 3054 32 Korean School Foundation (always indicate your name)) Registration is only completed after payment is made within 7 days of application*
  5. Once your registration is complete, cancellation/refund is no longer possible*
  6. The first lesson of the new semester starts on the March 21, 2020.

Please click here to see the curriculum of the semester.


*More detailed information can be found on our website:


Or please consult one of our staff members.


Thank you for visiting,

The Teachers and Volunteers of the Korean School of Amsterdam