About Us



Ever since the establishment of our school in 1993, we have been taking on a significant role in mother tongue education for the second generation of Koreans, as well as teaching the Korean language to non-Koreans and Korean adoptees. Currently we have developed into an educational institution with more than 270 students and approximately 30 teachers and volunteers.


The motto of our school is “Proud Korean”: our aim is to provide Korean children and adolescents living in the Netherlands a learning environment where acquiring a broad international perspective is possible while maintaining their sentiment for national dignity.


As more and more non-Koreans are becoming interested in the Korean culture, our school is growing to be more culturally diverse, becoming a center of cultural interactions between Koreans, Dutch people, Korean adoptees, and students of many other nationalities visiting our school.


With the students at the heart of our institution, support from the teachers, volunteers, parents, the board, and other associations enables our students to come to the Korean School to learn the Korean language and engage themselves in cross-cultural experience.


The valuable support and voluntary effort of the groups mentioned above is the driving force behind the school’s development. I can confidently say that it will continue to the next generation. As a teacher over the past 10 years for the foreign students and now as the school principal, my desire and efforts for the school will not cease.


March, 2016
Youngmee Choi
The School Principal