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Course information (Adults)



The Korean Language Program is the Korean School of Amsterdam’s curriculum for adults and children who wish to learn Korean as a foreign language. Students take classes every Saturday from 10:40 to 13:30 in a small-scale, interactive learning environment, guided by approachable teachers – mostly volunteers from local Korean communities. Registering means that you study with us for at least one semester (half year). Our semesters start in March and in October, and registration periods start in January and August. This program is generally given in English, but select teachers also speak Dutch.



The lessons

The aim of this curriculum is to equip non-Korean students with basic conversational abilities required in Korean daily life. Therefore, the focus will be on speaking, listening and vocabulary exercises during the lessons. The required course book is Active Korean (volume 1 to 4) by Seoul National University. For Advanced 2 and 3, the required course book is Sogang Korean (volume 4A and 4B) by Sogang University. The workload is moderately intensive; we demand at least two hours of self-study/homework every week.





Course Levels

The Korean Language Course has six course levels. Each level corresponds to one semester (half year). Students without any knowledge of Korean start at Beginners 1. For an indication of the difficulty of each course level, please click on the links below.













Lesson hours

There are three lesson hours, each separated by a ten-minute break. Students in Beginners 2 or higher have the opportunity to join an optional extra lesson hour, free of charge.


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Workshops and Events

The Korean Language Course includes one or two Korean culture-related workshops each semester. The selection of workshops differs for each course level. Some workshops require an additional participation fee of 2 to 5 euros and are therefore optional. The current workshops are:


Kimbab workshop

Taekwondo workshop

Paper handbook folding workshop

Sogo (Korean handheld drum) workshop

Cooking workshop

Essay writing contest



Two large school events are held each year, namely the School Arts Festival & Graduation Ceremony in March (often referred to as just the Graduation Ceremony) and the Sports Day in June.  These events are traditionally held in most schools in Korea, and the students of the Korean Language Course also participate in them.



Lesson fee

Lesson fee is 195 euros per semester (half year). Payment can be made by cash at school or by internet banking.
Bank number: NL72 KOEX 0270 3054 32 Korean School Foundation (Indicate your registered name and class at school)


Book costs (book purchase can be only done by cash payment at school):

A1 (Beginners 1)  to B3 (Intermediate 3): Active Korean by Seoul National University (includes workbook and 2 CDs). Price: 50 euros.

C1 and C2 (Advanced 1 and Advanced 2) Sejong Korean (including 1 CD). Price: 30 euros.