Update: KSA will not open in the school year 2020.

Today I’m here with some sad news about the latest update on the school reopening of 2020. After a very thorough discussion considering the recent uproar of the confirmed cases in the Netherlands, we decided to postpone the school opening again until early 2021. There will be no program offered in the second half of 2020. I’m very sorry to inform this.

Unlike any other educational institutions in the Netherlands, our school consists of teachers and students from various age groups, from as young as 14 years old to the high seniorities. It makes our school very vulnerable to the disease. The health and safety of our students are the foremost concern in our school, and we came to the conclusion that we cannot guarantee the safety even at the strictest means and controls in our school under the given severing circumstances.

I believe it may come as a big surprise and disappointment. It was a hard and painful decision for the school. But considering the current development of COVID-19 situation in and out of the Netherlands, we decided to postpone school opening once again.

All tuition fees paid will be refunded in full to the students in the upcoming days. We will look into the development of the situation and will make another announcement about school reopening soon. Also, we will keep this information updated on our school web page and Facebook page. Please keep an eye on it.

Once again, sorry for this sad news, and I hope you can kindly understand the school’s decision.

Best regards,

Jungsoo Park
KSA Principal