New class will open in September

Dear students,
We know you’ve been longing for the very first lesson in your class, but it is my deep regret that I have to bring you a piece of sad news. Due to the aggravating situation of the COVID-19, the school has decided to open the new class in September, meaning that we will not open for the first half of the year. I know this will come as a piece of very sad and disappointing news to you, but please understand that we take the health and safety of our students as our foremost priority, and under given circumstances, we believe it is the best for all of us. 
As you may see, Korea was one of the few countries who adopted the strategy of openness, transparency, and fully keeping the public informed, a very noble but difficult one, and in the end, the country is now releasing itself from the crisis with almost minimal losses of life. It was because Korea had an experience in the past from which it learned an important lesson at a very expensive toll. I personally believe in the trustworthiness of the Dutch government and the professionalism of RIVM as much I do for the Korean government, and I hope the Netherlands will free itself from the situation very soon so that we can sit together and chat without worrying about this germ harming each other.
With regard to the tuition fee you’ve already paid, you may not do anything if you want to extend your registration to September. Your registration shall be automatically transferred. If you do not plant to register in September, or if you want the refund anyway, you shall be given a full refund. In such a case, please send an email to with a statement of requesting a refund for the tuition fee, your name, and bank account information to which the refund will be made. Please do this by the 12th of April. We will start the refund process from the 13th of April. 
It is a painful moment for everyone. We hope to see you again in September with good health. Please take care and stay safe. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Best regards,
 ParkSchool Principal