Dear students of KSA,

It was a very hard time for everyone, not only for the studying at our school but also our daily life was devastated, and it gave us a good lesson – what we could enjoy every day is not something granted.

Now, we are seeing some hopes, and good news is coming every day through media. And there is good news from KSA for you as well, and with this email, I wish to deliver this wonderful news for all of us.

KSA will (most likely) start again the face-to-face classes from this coming September, and what is more, in a completely new venue of Hermann Wesselink College (HWC). I know we all are quite happy with the hospitality and spaciousness of Keizer Karel College for a long time, but the college is going through a significant remodeling and renovation from this summer, and they are not able to accommodate us any longer. So, I’ve been in search of a nice new venue where we can stay not on a temporary basis, but a longer-term settlement.

Luckily enough, Hermann Wesselink College was welcoming to accommodate us, and we decided to move to their building which is newly built last and opened just in 2021. So, from the new Semester, we will be studying in neat classrooms with a more cozy environment and better equipment.

HWC is not too far away from KKC. The address is as below.

Hermann Wesselink College
Startbaan 3
1185XP Amstelveen

The very first class is scheduled to be on the 4th of September in the new venue. As you might have noticed above when I wrote “most likely”, we want to keep the possibility open, though, that things may not end up as we expect as of now. Depending on the covid circumstances, we might have to consider online tutoring again like last semester, but I want to let you know that KSA has strong intention and willingness to go face-to-face classes again if the current trends keep going on as it is now. Let’s hope for the best and prepare for the worst. All the details will follow. Stay tuned and keep talking with your teachers for the latest updates.

Thank you very much, and I wish you a safe and wonderful summer. Let’s meet again in September.


Jungsoo Park
Principal, KSA