Preschool Program Overview at Amsterdam Korean School

Our preschool program is designed to teach Korean to young learners without the use of textbooks. Through theme-based, special, and play-based lessons, children are immersed in a dynamic and engaging environment to foster their understanding of the Korean language.

1. Preschool Level 1: Age 4

Theme-based Lessons: Children explore diverse learning experiences through themed lessons, enhancing logical thinking and observational skills.

Craft and Play Lessons: These activities promote fine motor skills development and help instill basic life habits and rules. Craft and play sessions related to the learning theme encourage creativity and teamwork.

2. Preschool Level 2: Age 5

Basic Consonants (ㄱ~ㅎ) and Vowels (ㅏ~ㅣ) Combinations: This stage focuses on laying the foundation for reading and writing by teaching the combination of basic consonants and vowels.

Weekly Art and General Education (Music, Physical Education, Storytelling): Art classes stimulate children’s creativity and aesthetic sense, while music, physical education, and storytelling sessions contribute to acquiring diverse knowledge and skills.

3. Preschool Level 3: Age 6

Preparation for Reading and Writing: In this stage, the curriculum is designed to prepare children to read and write in Korean, ensuring they are equipped with the ability to handle the language freely before entering elementary school. The comprehensive approach covers pronunciation, recognition, writing, and reading skills.

Our teachers develop customized teaching materials aligned with the lesson content, fostering a curriculum that captivates children’s interest and makes learning enjoyable for them.