The Korean School of Amsterdam is designed to serve the language learner ages from 4 and above. Whether you get interested in Korean culture via Korean Pop music and drama, or whether you want to reach a business-level Korean speaking skill, Korean School of Amsterdam can accommodate all your needs for mastering the language. With class offerings ranging from beginner to advanced, we can accommodate long-term study, prepare students for travel to Korea, and train pupils to interact in Korean language business environments. Through our talented teachers you get individualized attention and a curriculum tailored to your specific needs. Our method puts adult language learners at ease while stimulating and challenging them with real-life, relevant sample conversations. From the beginning, our students are encouraged, but never pressured, to practice articulating their new language and perfecting their pronunciation under the guidance of native-speaking teachers.

No matter what your level, we offer:

– Culture as part of the curriculum
– Grammar presented within conversation, instead of boring drills
– An emphasis on conversation
– An environment designed to build confidence
– Techniques for helping you think and converse in an immersion-only environment
– Practical words and real-life settings
– Easy, memory-reinforcing templates
– Methods to help you learn the nuances of pronunciation