1. How do I obtain the level certificate?

You need a minimum attendance of 70% and a minimum score of 55 for the final exam.

2. I do not have a fever, but I (have a ) cough. Can I come to class?

If you do not have any symptoms of the COVID-19, you can join the class. But if you have cold or flu, we recommend you to stay home and join the on-line classes. Please discuss it with your teacher. 

3. Do I have to inform my teacher if I am going to be absent or late?

Yes. Please inform your teacher in advance.

4. Which coursebooks do you use? (which coursebooks will be used?)

We use the Active Korean 1,2,3,4: For the beginners(A1-2): Active Korean 1 and 2. For the intermediate(B1-2): Active Korean 2 and 4. For the advanced students(B3): I love Korea 5(“사랑해요, 한국어”) You can find the information on the coursebooks here:

5. Can I take a resit if I fail the exam or miss the final exam?

No, you can’t. But we have alternatives in case you miss the test. In this case, you can take the exam online, which consists of different questions than the final exam.

6. I missed the final exam and the resit. Can I still enroll for the next level?

No. you can’t. However, you can take a level test. Please discuss it with your teacher.

7. How long does the final exam take?

Usually 2-3 hours; however, it varies depending on the level.

8. What will be tested in the final exam?

The final exam is to test if your level of Korean is ready to move to the next level. It covers listening, reading, speaking, and maybe writing based on the coursebooks.

9. I have Dyslexia. Can I have more time for the exam?

Yes, you can. Please mention it when you register.

10. Do I have to do the homework?

Yes, it is a basic rule. In case you can’t, please inform your teacher in advance.

11. How long does it take to do the homework?

It depends on the class/level. It takes about 30 minutes to an hour a week. You can expect to study (including homework) for about 2~3 hours at home.

12. Can I get a refund when I withdraw from the course?

After you register, your payment should be made within 7 days. Once the payment is made, there is no refund.

13. Two years ago, I completed A2/Elementary. Can I take B1/Intermediate class?

You need to do a placement test; if you return within a year, you may register and continue from your last level.

14. If the level does not seem suitable for me, is it possible to change?

Yes. After the first lesson, please discuss it with your teacher.

15. I have studied Korean by myself, and I want to take the B1 class. Can I register for that course?

Yes, you can if your score of the level test reaches a desirable level.

16. Can I still register next level without a certificate?

Yes, you can as long as your final exam score meets the requirement: minimum 55. Alternatively, you can take a level test.

17. Are your course levels the same as the TOPIK?

No, they are not. The levels are designed by the school.