1. Introduction
The middle and high school level of Amsterdam Korean Language School teach Korean, history, and mathematics to children of Korean residents and expatriates in the Netherlands. It comprehensively teaches Korean culture, tradition, and background as well as classes that can develop communication skills that are most needed for teenagers living abroad. 

In addition to curriculum classes, various thematic classes and special classes are provided, and coding classes, major/job briefing sessions are provided to help students find their interests in various fields, and art, physical education, and external workshops are used to create new and enjoyable experiences.

As Korean culture and history are drawing attention day by day, the middle and high schools of Amsterdam Hangeul School want to help students establish their adolescent identity, and furthermore, each student can become a small ambassador.

2. Course Materials

The middle and high school class textbooks are prepared by the teachers in charge of the curriculum.

In the case of Korean and math subjects, study materials are prepared according to the level of students based on textbooks.

In the case of history subjects, textbook explanatory materials, multimedia materials, newspaper articles, columns, etc. related to various topics or historical events are used.

3. Class
Middle 1/2/3rd grade and High A/B class – 5 classes in total