Course Introduction

Amsterdam Korean School has introduced Dutch language classes to support the successful local adaptation of parents, expatriates, and residents.

Course Levels

  1. A0 Class – For those learning Dutch for the first time;
    Covers basic grammar, conversation, and Dutch society and culture.
  2. A1 Class – For those who can answer simple questions in Dutch
  3. A2 Class – For those who can use basic Dutch terms to express short phrases
  4. B1 Class – For those who can engage in conversations about hobbies, work, and family in Dutch

Class Size

Each class can accommodate a maximum of 15 participants.

Semester Duration

  • From early September to late January each year
  • From early February to late June each year

Class Schedule

9:40 AM to 1:00 PM (3 hours and 20 minutes)

Semester Tuition

  • Parents: 100 euros (Discounts are available for family registrations; please inquire during registration)
  • External participants: 120 euros

Registration Process

  1. Priority registration for parents of Korean School students (Registration information will be sent via email to parents).
  2. General registration for external participants after the parent registration deadline.
    (Promotion through Korean community events each semester and Facebook ads)


Information on textbooks will be provided individually after registration.


For inquiries, please contact [email protected].