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The semester: The class begins on Sep 9 2023

Class dates: Sep 9 2023 – Jan 20 2024 (Total of 14 class days)

Class hours:  Saturday 9:40 am – 13:00 pm

The lessons will be offered in both on & offline from levels A1-B3 if a minimum number of students registers.

The registration period for students: May 1 2023 to June 12 2023

** First come, first served. Due to the limited seats, registration may close early. 

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For new students: 



The lessons

The curriculum aims to teach the Korean language as a foreign language with cultural elements for adults. The students will acquire the Korean language skills that are practically used in daily life.

Therefore, the focus will be on speaking, listening and vocabulary exercises during the lessons.

The required course book is Active Korean (volume 1 to 4) by Seoul National University.

For Advanced class, the required course book is I love Korean (volume 5) by Seoul University.

The workload is moderately intensive; we demand at least two hours of self-study/homework every week.



Course Levels

The Korean Language Course has six course levels.

Each level corresponds to one semester (half year).

Students without any knowledge of Korean start at Beginners 1.



Level A1: Active Korean 1 Ch.1 ~ Ch.6

Level A2: Active Korean 1 Ch.7 ~ Ch.9 + Active Korean 2 Ch.1 ~ Ch.3 

Level A3: Active Korean 2 Ch.4 ~ Ch.9 


Level B1: Active Korean 3 Ch.1 ~ Ch.6 

Level B2: Active Korean 4 Ch.2 ~ Ch. 7

Level B3: I Love Korean 5 Ch.1 ~ Ch.6


For an indication of the difficulty of each course level, please click on the links below.

Level A1

Level A2

Level A3

Level B1

Level B2

Level B3



Lesson fee

Lesson fee is 250 euros per semester (half year). Payment can be made by internet banking.


Bank number: NL72 KOEX 0270 3054 32 Stichting Korean School of Amsterdam

(Please indicate your unique code received by conform email.)


Book costs (book purchase can be only done by internet banking):

A1 (Beginners 1)  to B2 (Upper Intermediate 2):

Active Korean by Seoul National University (includes workbook and 2 CDs). Price:  45 euros

B3 (Advanced ) I love Korean (including 1 CD). Price: 60 euros.

** If you have any questions regarding the course registration, please contact our course coordinator ([email protected]).