1. Semester Schedule

– 1st Semester: September to January every year

– 2nd Semester: February to June every year

2. Class Schedule

Classes are held every Saturday from 9:40 AM to 1:00 PM (3 hours and 20 minutes).

** Please refer to the lesson plans for specific dates.

3. Admission and Registration Process

For existing students, automatic re-registration takes place every semester. If you are a new student and wish to enroll, please click on the registration link below and complete the registration process.

After submitting the registration form, our staff will contact you to confirm your admission status. We will send the confirmation to the email address provided by the parent or guardian.

4. Admission Guidelines

(1) Except for the Kindergarten 1 class (4-year-olds), admissions are open for all other grade levels.

(2) The Kindergarten 1 class is open to students born in 2019 (4 years old as of 2023) and can be enrolled from September to December 2023.

(3) Admission is subject to availability. If the desired grade level is already at full capacity, the student will be placed on a waiting list.

5. Tuition Information

Tuition fees are paid on a semester basis.

(1) Semester tuition fee per student: 200 euros

(2) For families with two children, the total semester tuition fee is 350 euros (50 euros discount).

(3) For families with three or more children, the total semester tuition fee is 400 euros (free for the third child onwards).

6. Payment Method for Tuition Fees

To make the tuition fee payment, please click on the payment link provided in the payment instruction email sent before each semester.

7. Leave of Absence and Withdrawal

Please inform the homeroom teacher and the administrative staff regarding any plans for a leave of absence or withdrawal.

If a leave of absence exceeds three months and the desired grade level is already at full capacity, the student may be placed on a waiting list for re-enrollment.