On September 10th, the Korean School of Amsterdam celebrated Chuseok by organizing several Korean activities, such as a traditional mask performance and cultural classes. Everyone could experience the traditional culture of Korea through various programs such as Korean mask performance, pansori learning, wearing traditional masks, and traditional pattern stamping.

In particular, this year was very special because the parents of students were also invited to this special event for the first time in two years since Corona. Young students enjoyed exciting performances, such as spinning plates and Korean mask dance, increasing their intimacy with Korean culture. International students had a unique experience gaining a deeper understanding of Korean culture through workshops like Korean stamp crafts and playing Korean musical instruments. It was the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself into the traditional Korean “community” spirit where everyone is welcome and nobody is left alone.

The traditional mask performance and Pansori singing by the Korean creative theater troupe ‘Kkokdu Gwangdae’ added the perfect ambiance to the festival. From the improvised dance moves to the traditional mask performance with good humor, the events left a lasting impression in our hearts as well as a big smile with the children. All the programs concluded with great success by eating “Songpyeon” (rice cake with filling) and “Yakgwa” (deep-fried confection) together.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the parents who showed interest and had fun together,  the students who actively participated, and the teachers who prepared all the programs and classes. The Korean School of Amsterdam will continue to conduct various cultural classes so that students can grow into global citizens with strong cultural awareness.